Liberal Protesters Try To Crash Congressman’s Birthday Party, Fail Miserably

At Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s annual birthday party, Rep. Brian Mast, a Purple Heart recipient who lost both legs in Afghanistan, delivered a moving speech about his belief in American opportunity and exceptionalism. Drawing on his own experience of serving in Afghanistan and being severely wounded by a Taliban IED, he reiterated that America faces threats both home and abroad, and that we must stick together as one nation, even in difficult political times.

While Congressman Mast gave his emotional speech to a packed audience, four members of local leftist movements decided that they wanted to shut down the speech of this American hero, simply because is a Republican.

The individuals were unable to disrupt the event on land, and instead decided to rent a boat to do everything they could to disrupt Mast’s story of hope and opportunity in America.

While hundreds of patriotic Americans held their hands over their hearts for the Pledge, and prayed to God for wisdom, the protesters sped back and forth on the water, chanting anti-American messages through multiple bullhorns.

The protesters also held signs promising to “fart” Congressman Dana Rohrabacher out of office, as well as one that said “Dana votes against vets,” which fell particularly flat with a decorated veteran headlining the event.

After both Congressmen concluded their speeches to hearty applause, they remarked that a few small protesters would not stop them from spreading their message of liberty and hope.

“The liberal Left has pushed the Democrat Party so far to the left, they’re relying on name-calling and disruption rather than the discussion of legitimate issues,” Congressman Dana Rohrabacher told The Daily Wire.  “The patriots are certainly not intimidated by these left-wing neo-fascist tactics.”

After nearly two hours of shouting and chanting, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department pulled the boat over and stopped the four agitators for violating local noise ordinances.

Fred Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, remarked, “The irony of the protestors using a rented pontoon boat and bullhorn as they advocated for socialism was striking. You couldn’t get food or basics back in the Soviet Union or even in Venezuela today, let alone a boat or a bullhorn. They should have been thanking Congressman Rohrabacher for his 28 years of fighting for their freedom and the free enterprise system that got them the boat and bull horn.”

Joshua Recalde-Martinez, a conservative student who attended the event, told The Daily Wire, “It is amazing to me that four protestors would rent a pontoon boat to protest a Congressman’s birthday party. There are so many other constructive things they could have done. If they put as much effort into electing people from their party as they did protesting, then maybe they wouldn’t be behind over 1,000 seats nationally.”

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Images of the event and the protest fail below:

Evergreen Trustees condemn ‘indefensible’ protest tactics

The Evergreen State College Board of Trustees released a statement over the weekend reproaching the tactics, if not the underlying intent, of the recent student protests on campus.

“During the last week, the conduct of a small percentage of Evergreen’s community members exhibited unacceptable behavior that is completely contrary to Evergreen’s values,” Board Chair Gretchen Sorensen asserts in the statement, a copy of which was obtained by Campus Reform. “Although almost all of [sic] students continued to attend classes…the lack of tolerance and respect displayed by a few during these recent events and disruptions is indefensible.”

“The lack of tolerance and respect displayed…during these recent events and disruptions is indefensible.”   

Sorensen was referring to the disruptive protests that embroiled the campus recently after students became aware of a faculty-wide email exchange in which Professor Bret Weinstein challenged the school’s decision to ask white people to leave campus for a day of diversity programming.

The students descended upon Weinstein’s classes to express their displeasure, eventually forcing him to leave campus when campus police officers informed him that they could not guarantee his safety. Meanwhile, College President George Bridges agreed to excuse protesters from homework assignments so that they could continue demonstrating, and later capitulated to a list of demands after being held hostage in his office along with other administrators.

At least 50 faculty and staff members subsequently signed a letter applauding the students’ behavior, vehemently denying that the students had engaged in violence while arguing that Weinstein “has endangered faculty, staff, and students” by recounting his experience in interviews with conservative news outlets.

The Trustees’ statement presents a different perspective on the matter, however, declaring that disruptive protests are directly contrary to the school’s commitments to not only free speech, but also tolerance and inclusiveness.

“Intellectual inquiry, freedom of expression, tolerance, and inclusiveness are core tenets of Evergreen’s philosophy and approach to education,” the letter explains. “Anyone who prevents Evergreen from delivering a positive and productive learning environment for all students has, and will continue to be held accountable for their actions and face appropriate consequences.”

The Trustees make clear that they “remain passionate about Evergreen’s vision, mission, and values, including social justice, diversity, and serving the public interest,” but vow that “Going forward, the college will take a measured approach, which is crucial to ensure that we respond appropriately, rather than reactively.”

Republican State Representative Matt Manweller, who recently introduced legislation to eliminate state funding for Evergreen State in response to the recent controversy, told Campus Reform that while he found the Trustees’ statement encouraging, it is only “a small first step” toward alleviating his significant concerns about the school.

“The Evergreen Board of Trustees admitted that the students behaved in an unacceptable manner is a good first start. But it is a small first step,” Manweller said. “The Evergreen Board of Trustees needs to change the culture of the institution. That means addressing the curriculum, the hiring procedures, and the inherent ideological bias that pervades the entire university.”

Evergreen College has not responded to a request for comment from Campus Reform.

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Lawmakers propose defunding Evergreen State amid protests

State lawmakers in Washington are fed up with the antics of Evergreen State College, and plan to introduce legislation Thursday to privatize the left-leaning institution.

As Campus Reform initially reported, hundreds of students marched through campus last week demanding the resignation of Professor Bret Weinstein, who had questioned the school’s decision to ask white people to leave campus for a day of diversity programming in an all-staff email.

In previous years, non-white students and faculty members voluntarily left campus to attend diversity workshops while their white counterparts conducted their own programming on-campus, but this year the format was flipped in response to complaints that non-white students feel unwelcome on campus in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

Despite the protesters’ profanity-laced denunciations of him, school President George Bridges praised their “passion and courage” while capitulating to demands that they be excused from homework assignments for the duration of their demonstration.

The bill, spearheaded by Republican State Representative Matt Manweller, will be introduced alongside a letter to the state Human Rights Commission requesting an investigation into potential civil rights violations on campus surrounding the incident.

Manweller and his colleagues are also discussing the possibility of revoking $24,000,000 in annual funding to Evergreen State College, but pledge that all students on campus will remain eligible for full financial aid from the state, should the bill become law.

“These students and their administration are trying to undo the Civil Rights Movement. They are trying to re-institute a Jim Crow approach to education that Americans rejected over 50 years ago,” Manweller said in an exclusive interview with Campus Reform. “We must never go back to a segregated society—whether it be drinking fountains, buses, or school buildings.”

Manweller made clear that he places the blame for Evergreen’s current situation squarely on the shoulders of administrators, arguing that they created the conditions for controversy through their unquestioning embrace of social justice and failure to condemn the excesses of student protesters.

“It is incredibly frightening that the administration at Evergreen would tacitly support Brown-shirt tactics we have not seen since 1930s Germany. That they would allow students to threaten professors and other students based on their race is simply horrifying,” Manweller continued. “The administration bears direct responsibility for this situation. They hired the professors who have elevated the pseudo-science of ‘social justice’ to a religious movement. Now all dissent is crushed by threats of violence or actual violence.”

Manweller told Campus Reform that he is optimistic about the bill’s prospects, asserting that the internal contradictions of the leftist movement on campus will be its eventual undoing.

“Like all radical movements in history, this movement is also starting to turn on itself and eat its own,” he said. “Professor Weinstein is a liberal professor who teaches liberal values. Now those students have turned on him like they have on so many other professors around the country.”

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Students, faculty demand OCC get Republicans ‘out of our face’

Students and faculty stormed the Orange Coast College administration building Monday to protest the release of public records and demand that the administration end its “neutrality” on political issues by removing the College Republicans.

The protest formed in opposition to the OCC College Republicans chapter, which released emails obtained from a public records request showing Professor Jessica Alabi telling OCC President Harkins that she would “stand up” to the club if he did not. The documents also revealed that Alabi later prevented several Republican club members from attending one of her events on campus because they were deemed a threat to the students’ “safe space.”

The CRs have demanded an investigation into Alabi’s behavior, which fits into a wider pattern of faculty hostility toward the club ever since it made national news by released a recording of one professor’s classroom rant calling Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism.”

The ensuing firestorm of negative publicity divided the campus, with faculty members issuing a statement calling the audio’s release a “politically motivated act” and then subsequently honoring the professor, Olga Stable-Cox, as “Faculty Member of the Year” in an apparent snub of the CR chapter.

The student who recorded the lecture, Caleb O’Neil, was even temporarily suspended for violating an obscure, rarely-enforced policy prohibiting students from recording their professors in class without prior approval.

Students, faculty, and union leaders rallied on campus to echo Alibi’s hostility toward the CRs, chanting, “No Hate, No KKK, No Fascist USA”—a common phrase among left-wing protest organizations—and demanding that administrators to “get that club out of our face.”

Several students were seen holding socialist flags or memorabilia, while many others bore signs that insulted the College Republicans.

Joshua Recalde-Martinez, former President of the OCC CRs, told Campus Reform that he couldn’t understand the protesters’ motivations, pointing out that all the club had done was expose the truth about the hostility of some faculty members toward conservative students.

“It makes no sense to me why the union and a vocal minority of students would protest against the OCC Republicans for simply asking for an investigation into the matter and protections for student from being discriminated against on the basis of their political affiliation,” he remarked.

“The OCC Republicans provided reasonable demands to OCC,” Recalde-Martinez continued, noting that Alabi had made unfounded accusations to justify barring the club’s president and other board members from her event.

“As for the false claims of harassing students due to their race, gender, and/or sexual identity, all club members attempting to attend the event that were barred come from a minority background, with one who is also gay,” Recalde-Martinez pointed out. “To state such bigoted and intolerant remarks against such a diverse group of students is not only wrong, it’s near slanderous of their good character.”

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Orange Coast College provided the following statement to Campus Reform:

“The College was told that the demonstration that occurred on May 22 was in response to an incident that occurred in March where students were asked to leave a support group meeting.

The meeting in question was an invitation only event for female African-American and mixed race students. “Curl Talk” is a support group geared towards African-American and inter-racial women to openly discuss their choice to wear their hair natural, support one another in their quest for chemical-free hair, address challenges in hair care, maintenance, and the politics of having natural hair.

Like other support groups, we would hope people would respect the privacy of expected participants of such a gathering.

OCC strives to be all-inclusive institution where individuals and groups with differing ideas and opinions can come together in a civil manner. We take all complaints from students, faculty, staff and the community very seriously and we work through our established policies and procedures to come to a resolution.”

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Transgender agitator threatens Berkeley CR with beatdown

A transgender person at the University of California, Berkeley was recently filmed threatening members of the College Republicans who mistakenly referred to him as a man.

A recording of the incident begins with the transgender person vandalizing a Donald Trump campaign sign, to which one member of the College Republicans responded by facetiously remarking, “there’s a big man” in reference to the childishness of the stunt.

The transgender individual in question was not pleased by the comment, and responded by aggressively asserting that she is “not a man.”

“I’m not a man. Fuck you. I’m a fucking woman. Fucking respect that,” she declared, at which point one member of the College Republicans asked if the individual attended the California institution, and the transgender woman responded by indicating that she did not attend the school.

“I won’t go to a jail for a fucker like you,” the transgender individual continued after a CR member inquired as to whether she was going to assault other members of his club.

The altercation took place at a barbeque hosted by the College Republicans, which club member Erol Morkoc told Campus Reform was disrupted when the transgender person came “tearing through the crowd and attacked [the] sign like some rabid dog.”

Members of the conservative organization then challenged the transgender person on why she had vandalized the Trump campaign sign, to which she responded by indicating that she doesn’t “believe in property.”

One CR member, Naweed Tahmas, sarcastically inquired as to whether he could take the shirt off of the transgender person’s back, to which she retorted that he could not, because then he would be “attacking her.”

“I didn’t have to do that, but I find your fucking ideology disgusting,” she continued, in reference to her act of vandalism, finally leaving the Barbeque after referring to Tahmas as a “fucking fascist” and indicating that she had “friends smoking weed somewhere” whom she could join.

“I’m a Turkish immigrant trying to buy a burger and I’m like 5’5”. [She] picked the smallest guy in the group to display [her] heteronormative masculine dominance” against, Morkoc told Campus Reform. “This event is even more proof why students are staying away from expressing any conservative values. A person can’t even get a burger in broad daylight without being attacked for being a ‘Nazi.’”

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Harvard tells students gender can ‘change from day to day’

The office of BGLTQ Student Life at Harvard University has released a new school-sponsored guide telling students to “fight transphobia” and “get the facts about gender diversity.”

The guide, which was distributed to students on campus, declares that “there are more than two sexes” and that “gender is fluid and changing,” adding that someone’s gender identity “can be affirmed and/or expressed in many ways,” and can even “change from day to day.”

“Sex assigned at birth and gender identity are not necessarily the same,” the flyer begins, elaborating that anatomical characteristics may not always align with “gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, hormonal makeup, physical anatomy, and/or how one is perceived in daily life.”

It then segues into the claim that “there are more than two sexes,” but this time focuses on biological considerations, citing a post by the Organization Intersex International (OII) asserting that “at least 2% of people” are born with some combination of male and female genitalia, hormones, or chromosomes.

Returning to the theme of “identity,” the flyer tells students that “for many people—cis and trans—gender expression, identity, and self-understanding can change from day to day,” noting that gender can be expressed through one’s “speech, mannerisms, clothing,” and more.

Even “make-up” and “grooming” choices are listed among the forms of gender expression, though more-extreme examples like hormone therapy and surgery are also mentioned.

“Transphobic misinformation is a form of systemic violence,” the document goes on to state. “Fixed binaries and biological essentialism, manifest in gendered language, misgendering someone, and the policing of trans bodies, threaten the lives of trans people.”

The guide cites statistics put out by a group called “Trans Student Educational Resources” in support of the provocative claim.

“Trans people of color are 6x more likely to experience physical violence when interacting with the police than with white cisgender survivors of violence,” the first bullet point states, followed by the claim that “80% of trans students feel unsafe at school because of their gender expression.”

Several Harvard students expressed outrage about the use of school funds for this campaign, but all declined comment on the record due to concerns about potential repercussions from the school.

Harvard evoked national outrage for a similar stunt in December 2015, when it distributed “social justice placemats” intended to help students articulate their progressive views to family members during Christmas break.

Spokespersons for Harvard did not respond to inquiries from Campus Reform concerning the use of school resources for the latest campaign.

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UC-Davis student gov votes against American flag

The University of California, Davis Student Senate voted last Thursday to strike a bylaw requiring the American flag to be displayed at meetings because “the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual.”

“It shall not be compulsory for the flag of the United State of America to be displayed at ASUCD Senate meetings,” states Senate Bill 76, introduced by Senator Jose Meneses.

“It should be at the discretion of the Senate whether presenting the flag is presently necessary,” the bill elaborates. “Considering that the flag is seldom present at Senate meetings, it should not be mandated by the Bylaws as a codified practice.”

Senator Michael Gofman, who opposed the bill, posted on Facebook that “the bill will remove the flag of the United States from Senate meetings,” calling it “a political statement” and encouraging those who “feel strongly” about the bill to voice their opinion to him.

“This a Student Senate bill that the Student Senate [voted] on,” a spokesperson for UC-Davis told Campus Reform. “It is a student effort and student decision, and not an administrative one.”

“The University of California has long been a public university dedicated to the education of its students. The flag of the United States of America stands for the educational opportunity provided by America, as well as the sacrifice of our military soldiers and veterans to provide us with this freedom,” Deborah Porter, political director of the UC-Davis College Republicans, told Campus Reform.

“Restricting the flag to be displayed at the mercy of the President pro-tempore is a slap in the face to our military members, and their sacrifice, even to the death, for our freedoms. I hold our military members in high respect, and thus vehemently oppose Senate Bill 76.”

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CSUF lecturer suspended for attacking conservative student

The California State University, Fullerton lecturer who was recently filmed while physically accosting a conservative student has been suspended, and may face misdemeanor charges.

On February 8, as members of the CSUF College Republicans were peacefully counter-protesting a “No Ban, No Wall” protest on campus, anthropology lecturer Eric Canin approached and called the students “uneducated,” shoving one of them, as well as a member of the student government who was trying to break up the altercation.

“The investigation substantiated the charges that…a campus employee struck a student.”   

Canin was forcibly removed from the scene by campus security, and the CSUF College Republicans filed battery charges against him for the assault. The Orange County DIstrict Attorney is currently looking into formally charging Canin, and Canin informed The Daily Titan on Thursday that he had been suspended.

“The University has completed its internal investigation regarding a February 8 rally held on campus during which a lecturer was alleged to be in an altercation with a student protester from the College Republicans,” CSUF Chief Communications Officer Jeffrey D. Cook confirmed in a statement to Campus Reform.

“The investigation substantiated the charges that a physical altercation occurred, that a campus employee struck a student, and that as a consequence the speech of the student group was stopped,” he elaborated, saying, “The prospect of an incident like this on our campus is profoundly troubling.”

“It’s great that the school is taking this seriously,” CSUF CR President Chris Boyle told Campus Reform. “We need to ensure that this professor never steps foot on campus and endangers a student again. It’s an important fight for the free-speech rights of students.”

CR Vice President Amanda McGuire echoed the sentiment, adding that she hopes Canin will ultimately decide not to return to his position at the school.

“The school was right to finally act on this matter. After two weeks of waiting, the news is overdue,” she said. “I’m glad the school realizes this was a serious offense, being that his disagreement with the student ended in physical aggression. It is my hope that he will not be asked to return as lecturer.”

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OCC absolves student for recording prof’s anti-Trump rant

The Orange Coast College student who filmed his professor calling Donald Trump’s election ‘an act of terrorism’ has had his suspension and other punishments lifted.

Caleb O’Neil was given a notice of suspension earlier this month for violating a formerly obscure school policy against recording classroom lectures, and was also required to write an apology letter to both the school and Professor Olga Perez Stable-Cox, who has so far faced no disciplinary action.

According to FreedomX, the group defending O’Neil, OCC college administrators met with their attorneys Wednesday evening and decided to revoke O’Neil’s suspension, as well as the other punitive actions against him.

In a press release, FreedomX President and Lead Attorney Bill Becker stated that “[Orange Coast College’s] miscalculation leaves a blemish on its reputation, saying, “We hope that the administration, staff and faculty have learned from the errors made.”

“It is unfortunate that no public apology to Caleb was issued. The administration put him in fear of losing his academic standing, his athletic ambitions and his career plans. Offering him a public apology would be the right thing to do,” Becker continued, adding, “It is also unfortunate that the instructor who started this sordid controversy will face no discipline for deviating from her duties as a public servant when she entered into threatening and intimidating behavior attacking conservative students under her charge. Perhaps the public’s adverse response to her misconduct has taught her to take her role more seriously in the future.”

“I’m pleased to hear that the Board of Trustees has rescinded Caleb’s suspension. However, I’m saddened to hear that there will be no reprimand for Professor Cox,” seconded Joshua Recalde-Martinez, President Emeritus of the OCC College Republicans, in a statement to Campus Reform. “Myself, and many others included will continue to fight school administrations like OCC, who continue to unfairly target conservatives for their political beliefs.”

“I am so happy!” an ebullient O’Neil told Campus Reform. “I’m just trying to get my education. We started something big; now it’s time for other conservatives to keep the fire going.”

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Student suspended for recording ‘act of terrorism’ prof

The student who filmed his professor calling Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism” has received a one-semester suspension from Orange Coast College (OCC).

The previously anonymous student, Caleb O’Neil, has also received a number of other sanctions for recording his professor, Olga Pere Stable-Cox, including a mandatory meeting with the Dean of Students before he is readmitted, as well as remaining on disciplinary probation for one semester upon return from suspension.

Additionally, O’Neil must write an apology letter to professor as well as a three-page, double spaced essay discussing why he videotaped the professor despite “knowing that it was a violation of the course syllabus;” his “thoughts and analysis” on why he shared the video with others; what he thought would happen to Stable-Cox; the video’s impact “and ensuing damage to Orange Coast College students, faculty, and staff;” “other choices [he] could have made to resolve the situation;” and “[how he] will prevent this from happening again in the future.”

If O’Neil, who is not a member of the OCC College Republicans, fails to satisfy any of the requirements laid out by OCC, he could be expelled from the Coast Community College District for good.

The email, sent by Interim Dean of Students Victoria Lugo, charged O’Neil with violating Student Code of Conduct against tape recording and unauthorized use of electronic devices in the classroom.

“Unauthorized recording is a serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct,” Lugo wrote. “This is clearly stated in the instructor’s course syllabus in addition to the student code of conduct. When we spoke, you stated that you felt badly about the things that had happened to individuals as a result of this incident. It is my hope that this experience will lead you to truly think through your actions and the consequences of those actions when making decisions in the future. As we discussed, the conduct process is part of the overall college learning process and I do believe that valuable lessons have been gained from this experience.”

O’Neil has seven days from the reception of the letter, dated February 9, to appeal. If he chooses to do so, his sanctions will be “deferred until the outcome of [the] appeal is determined.” A hearing scheduled by the College Disciplinary Officer, or designee, will take place between 10 and 30 days later.

Joshua Recalde-Martinez, President Emeritus of OCC College Republicans, told Campus Reform that they were “very surprised and shocked,” when they heard about the email O’Neil received.

“Even I myself could pretty easily violate the electronic device recording statute. Anyone who uses their phone in class is automatically violating that portion of the student code of conduct,” Recalde-Martinez argued.

In response to the tape recording charge, Recalde-Martinez and the club’s lawyers insist that “there is simply no clause in the [student conduct code] beyond using a tape recording device.”

“As soon as that happened we immediately began working with our lawyers in order to combat the actions that the school has taken against the student,” Recalde-Martinez said.

Caleb O’Neil is being represented by Bill Becker, founder and President of FreedomX, a law firm that protects conservative and religious freedom of expression. O’Neil and Becker will appear together on Wednesday, February 15th at 1:00PM for a press conference at the school, and also plan to file a notice of appeal with the OCC.

In an email from FreedomX, Bill Becker declared the school’s actions “an attack by leftists in academia to protect the expressive rights of their radical instructors at the expense of the expressive rights of conservative students on campus.”

“He was in fear of retaliation by his instructor after she launched into a half-hour rant in which she labeled Trump a ‘white supremacist’ and told the class she would no longer tolerate any person who voted for Trump,” the email continued. “O’Neil videotaped the rant over concerns that his grade might be lowered for the class because of his outward show of support for Trump. He intended to use the video to present to the administration as evidence of his concerns.”

O’Neill and the College Republicans seem uncowed.

“OCC can’t continue its persecution of its students and their constitutional rights,” Recalde-Martinez stated. “We haven’t backed down yet, and we won’t back down now.”

Campus Reform reached out to Orange Coast College but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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