Leaked: Union brags about ‘protecting’ violent professor, plans to fight ‘ultra-conservatives’

A leaked email from the California Faculty Association (CFA) reveals their hidden agenda to “[shield] employees from right-wing attacks on academic freedom.”

The email, obtained by Red Alert Politics through a self-identified liberal professor who wished to remain anonymous, highlights their recent “success in protecting the career of a Cal State Fullerton lecturer who had been accused of assaulting a student.”  The student was a College Republican who was peacefully counter-protesting at an anti-Trump rally.


The union referred to the College Republicans as “a group of ultra-conservative counter-protestors,” and this past week accused the group of “growing bolder following the election of Donald Trump.”

“In an increasingly divisive and politically charged time, now, more than ever, it’s imperative that the university system fulfills its obligation to protect employees from such attacks,” the July 19 email states. “The CSU is just one of many systems plagued by attacks on faculty, and we are urging faculty, staff, students, and allies to sign a letter of support for better protections of academic freedom.”

Professor Eric Canin received a two month suspension for his assault, over the objections of California State University, Fullerton, which “had instead been pursuing Dr. Canin’s termination.” In a statement released by the school, Chief Communications Officer Jeffrey D. Cook noted “that the arbitrator concurred with the University’s investigation in finding that Dr. Canin acted improperly.”

The internal email made no mention of this, instead using the incident to ask non-members to sign up for the union.

Christopher Boyle, President Emeritus of the CSUF College Republicans, told Red Alert Politics “The California Faculty Association is an organization that constantly resorts to bullying conservative students to achieve their far-Left goals.”

Boyle, who placed Professor Eric Canin under citizen’s arrest after his assault on a fellow CR, continued by saying, “the fact that they’ve escalated to protecting physically violent professors is a sign of the CFA’s true character. This leaked email sheds a worrying, but not surprising, light on how the CFA really operates.”

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College Republicans sue CA to force recall of Dem Senator

Three members of the California State University, Fullerton College Republicans have filed a lawsuit seeking to compel the state to validate a recall petition against Democratic State Senator Josh Newman.

Amanda McGuire, Brooke Paz, and Ryan Hoskins, who are all members of the CR executive board, filed the lawsuit July 20 to force Secretary of State Alex Padilla to hold the recall election after they helped to collect more than 85,000 signatures for a recall petition against Newman.

Despite garnering significantly more signatures than was necessary to trigger a recall, the CR members say that their efforts are being stymied by Democratic lawmakers, in part through the passage of a controversial bill changing the rules for recall elections.

The CR press release asserts that SB96, which was signed by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown in April, “intends to interfere with and delay the immediate election that would take place as a result of a successful recall,” noting that “because of this new law, the special election could be delayed from November 2017 to June 2018.”

The lawsuit comes after the three college students were sued by affiliates of the California Democrats for their work to recall Senator Newman, who was the pivotal vote in a recent $5B tax hike in California.

“The Democrats in our state legislature and Governor Jerry Brown are trying to silence the voices of 85,000 of their constituents,” declared Hoskins. “By putting our names on this lawsuit we are giving a voice to every one of those people, Republicans and Democrats alike.”

Democrats currently hold more than a two-thirds supermajority in both the Assembly and State Senate, in addition to holding all eight statewide offices, but Newman’s recall could cost the Democrats their supermajority in the Senate.

According to The Mercury News, Republicans expressed outrage over SB96 when it was introduced, arguing that the bill was designed specifically to help Newman fight the recall effort.

“We are standing up for the people of California,” said CR President McGuire. “The Democrats’ supermajority showed how dangerous it can really be by passing billion-dollar tax hikes and changing rules to completely benefit one political agenda.”

“A bill like SB 96 should never have been passed and without anyone to check the power of the Democrats in California, there’s no telling what they will pass,” McGuire continued. “Sacramento has no balance and that needs to change.”

“The Democrats have blatantly disregarded the will of voters, as well as the democratic processes that make this country great,” Paz added. “This lawsuit is our opportunity to fight for our Constitutional rights in a government run by the people, for the people. The people have spoken. They have every right to recall elected officials who are not serving the best interests of the public.”

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OCC Hires Democrat Donor to Investigate College Republicans

Attorneys for the Orange Coast College Republicans are demanding the recusal of an independent investigator hired to investigate CR members with an alleged history of financial support for Democrats.

According to a letter from FreedomX founder Bill Becker, Nora Quinn, an attorney hired by OCC to conduct an open-ended investigation into the College Republicans, has not identified any wrongdoing by the group. Moreover, the letter alleges that Quinn never received any written complaints filed against the club, and is not investigating any specific charges against them.

Instead, the letter states that she told Becker that “the investigation keeps growing,” and that she was not conducting her inquiries on the basis of the elements of a particular regulatory violation.

“This is a classic witch hunt, with the ultimate aim of finding something to pin on the College Republicans,” Becker stated in the letter. “Our clients have already been exposed to violations of their due process rights by being subjected to indiscriminate questioning with potentially self-incriminating consequences that violate their (or someone else’s) privacy rights.”

“We are demanding that this investigation end now. It is a witch hunt. It is intrusive and there is no basis for it,” Becker told Campus Reform. “Obviously, Orange Coast College hasn’t learned its lesson and is still trying to marginalize its Republican and conservative student population. We will not let that happen.”

An additional cease and desist letter, sent by attorney Shawn Steel in conjunction with FreedomX, accuses Quinn of conducting a “political witch-hunt based on spurious and nebulous allegations of unspecified violations of unspecified rules/codes/policies at the college.”

“We have learned that you are a registered Democrat in Los Angeles County. Evidence of your partisan bias is shown by the public record of your campaign contributions to Democrat candidates and left-wing causes,” Steel’s letter continued. “The OCCR’s have been targeted by left-wing factions at the college for some time. It is no secret that because of their ideological opposition to the club’s mission, left-wing faculty members, administrators, and student organizations seek to strip the club of its charter.”

Based on Quinn’s apparent past partisanship, Steel concludes that “it is impossible for you to conduct a non-partisan, objective investigation,” and demands that Quinn immediately cease her efforts.

“Under no circumstances are you to contact any member of the College Republicans without contacting either me or Mr. Becker,” he wrote. “In the event you contact any member of the OCCR’s, we will not hesitate to file charges and seek injunctive relief.”

OCC College Republican President Emeritus Joshua Recalde-Martinez, one of the students under investigation by Quinn, echoed the sentiments of his attorneys, telling Campus Reform that “[i]f Orange Coast College has any sense left, they’ll discontinue this shameless witch hunt and stop targeting conservative students.”

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First Milo, then Coulter: Berkeley blocks Ben Shapiro from speaking

Administrators at UC-Berkeley have canceled conservative commentator Ben Shapiro’s scheduled September 14th appearance, citing an inability to “identify an available campus venue.”

Ben Shapiro slammed UC-Berkeley, in a press release issued by Young America’s Foundation on Thursday night, referring to their “legal and moral obligation to ensure” that conservative students have their voices heard.

“Using ridiculous pretexts to keep conservatives from speaking is unsurprising, but disappointing,” Shapiro stated. “We’ll find a way to get this event done.”

The original email, obtained by Red Alert Politics, details UC-Berkeley’s “extensive efforts” to identify a campus venue suitable for Shapiro.

“Although it is not common practice for the Dean of Students office or the LEAD Center to work on securing space reservations on behalf of a Registered Student Organization (RSO), our interest in supporting your ability to host speakers of your choice has led us to make additional efforts on your behalf,” the email reads.

After paying lip service to the free speech rights of Shapiro and the College Republicans, the school pivoted to administrative rules and regulations that would prevent the scheduled event from proceeding as planned.

The event, titled “Ben Shapiro v. Berkeley,” was intended to promote free speech at UC-Berkeley, a campus where students’ violent riots prevented Milo Yiannopolous and Ann Coulter from speaking. In the case of Yiannopolous, Antifa protesters set fire to a portion of campus, causing over $100,000 of damages.

“This attempt to block Ben Shapiro is the University of California, Berkeley’s third instance of shredding the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights of conservative students who’ve tried to host YAF speakers on their campus,” Spencer Brown, Young America’s Foundation spokesman, said. “An endless stream of liberal speakers continue to be granted opportunities to speak, unobstructed by time, place, or manner restrictions while conservatives are continually treated unequally, and repeatedly relegated to the margins of campus activity.”

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CSUF Prof Who Assaulted College Republican Returning to Campus

Professor Eric Canin will be returning to California State University, Fullerton to teach classes despite allegedly assaulting a College Republican on campus.

The incident took place in February, when members of the College Republicans were peacefully counter-protesting an anti-Trump rally on campus. Canin approached members of the club, calling them “uneducated” based on their political stance before allegedly shoving at least one student in anger.

Canin, who was initially suspended from campus after battery charges were filed against him with the Orange County District Attorney, received only a two month suspension for his actions.

“Dr. Canin is one of several college faculty throughout the country who have found themselves unfairly vilified by right-wing groups like the College Republicans, a national, ultra-conservative youth organization that appears to be growing bolder following the election of Donald Trump,” the California Faculty Association declared in a press release.

“CFA is urging higher education community leaders to stand up and defend academic freedom on their campuses so that no faculty member has to endure what Dr. Canin has been through,” the statement continued. “Our union is strong, and together we win.”

Jeffrey D. Cook, Chief Communications Officer for Cal State Fullerton, said in a statement that Canin will still be suspended for two months, a decision handed down by an arbitrator.

“The sanction imposed by the arbitrator is final and binding, and concludes a process required by the collective bargaining agreement with the California Faculty Association,” Cook wrote.

“It’s disappointing to hear that the CSU system has chosen to disregard its students and stand by a violent professor who has chosen to attack free speech,” CR President Emeritus Chris Boyle told Campus Reform.

Boyle, who says he personally apprehended Canin and placed him under citizen’s arrest after he tried to flee the scene, vowed that “The CSUF College Republicans will keep fighting against this unjust decision.”

Amanda McGuire, President of the CSUF College Republicans, told Campus Reform that conservative students are under attack, both literally and figuratively, whether on campus or not.

McGuire, as well as two other members of the CR executive board, were recently sued by affiliates of the Democrat Party for their role in helping to recall State Senator Josh Newman (D), who voted for a $52B gas tax hike earlier this year.

“It’s a battle that we fight on multiple fronts. As conservative students, our club has been able to see aggression from campus faculty as well as opposing state party officials,” McGuire told Campus Reform. “We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, though. The CSUF Republicans was established to stand against leftist culture, making a home for conservative students that are not able to speak their views freely.

“Allowing a professor like Canin to teach again in a university shows that the school is not putting students and their safety first,” she concluded. “Violence should never be a way to respond.”

Spokespersons for CSUF declined a request for comment from Campus Reform, referring to the prepared statement declaring that “it is unacceptable to respond with violence to speech with which we disagree.”

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OCC College Republicans Protest “Discriminatory” Investigation

Orange Coast College hasn’t forgotten about its intransigent College Republicans, who have begun receiving inquiries from an investigator hired by the school to dig up dirt on the club.

Earlier this year, OCC suspended a student for filming his professor referring to Trump’s election as “an act of terrorism,” but quickly reversed course amidst public outrage.

Shortly thereafter a protest occurred in opposition to the OCC College Republicans chapter, which released emails obtained from a public records request which showed a professor’s discrimination against their club members because of their political affiliation. At this protest left-wing club members and faculty union members demanded that the administration end its “neutrality” on political issues by removing the College Republicans.

In reaction to this, Orange Coast College has hired an “independent” off-campus investigator to conduct a “fact finding” mission, to determine whether or not the club had ever violated any campus policies since its founding nearly two years ago.

Upon discovering that such an effort might be underway, CR President Emeritus Joshua Recalde-Martinez contacted Dean of Student Life and Services Mike Morvice, who is responsible for overseeing campus clubs, on July 3.

“I was recently informed that their [sic] were complaints that have been filed against the OCC Republicans this past semester that may have manifested into some sort of investigation,” Recalde-Martinez wrote, asking Morvice for any information he could provide.

“Outside of the initial inquires made in the Fall 2016/Intersession 2017 and OC Human Relations listening sessions from the Spring 2017, I am not familiar with any investigations involving clubs/student organizations taking place at this point in time,” Morvice replied.

Two days later, Recalde-Martinez posed the same question to College President Dennis Harkins, this time mentioning emails that CR members had received soliciting their participation in the investigation.

Reminding Harkins that the Board of Trustees had previously “called for all investigations into the Olga-Caleb matter to stop,” he once again asked to know the nature of the investigation.

Harkins promptly replied, telling Recalde-Martinez that “the investigation is in response to a discrimination case,” but that it would be “inappropriate for me to provide any additional information other to say the district often uses outside investigators for this kind of complaint.”

Audio recordings of the meetings between Quinn and Recalde-Martinez and others, however, contain no reference to a discrimination charge levied against the club or its members, and the investigator—Nora Quinn of the Quinn Law Firm in Claremont, California—has not provided the College Republicans with a list of complaints for the club, nor has she identified the individual(s) under investigation.

“I cannot give you a list of the complaints because I’m not authorized to do so, and information continues to emerge,” Quinn told Recalde-Martinez in an email dated July 9, responding to his request for a list of the specific complaints that she is investigating.

She did, however, affirm his understanding that the investigation was progressing solely on the basis of verbal allegations, acknowledging that “I do not have a series of written complaints.”

“I believe Orange Coast College is actively working in conjunction with the faculty union and their campus agitators to silence and target conservative students at the college,” Recalde-Martinez told Campus Reform, vowing that “we will continue to fight this discriminatory behavior by the campus in any way legally possible.”

The College Republicans have retained the legal assistance of Freedom X, a public-interest law firm that defends conservatives against viewpoint discrimination, as well as the Shawn Steel Law Firm, both of which also represented the club when the school suspended CR member Caleb O’Neil for filming his professor.

“This investigation is a waste of time and public resources drummed up by a left-wing campus administration with nothing better to do than to harass the College Republicans,” Bill Becker, chief counsel of Freedom X, told Campus Reform. “If anything were to come out of it, I would be surprised. We’re ready to initiate legal action in the event the club is punished.”

Campus Reform reached out to OCC for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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Shapiro to brave ‘antifa’ protesters for speech at UC-Berkeley

The University of California-Berkeley College Republicans plan to bring Ben Shapiro to campus in September for a talk on free speech titled, “Ben Shapiro v. Berkeley.”

Shapiro promised to speak “to students of all viewpoints at UC Berkeley,” and challenged UC Berkeley administrators to “not hide behind the heckler’s veto of despicable groups like Antifa to prevent this event from moving forward.”

Shapiro is a frequent target of left-wing criticism, and was even prevented from delivering a speech at California State University, Los Angeles last year when left-wing protesters stormed the venue and pulled the fire alarm.

The UC Berkeley campus, though, has in recent months been the scene of particularly vehement hostility toward conservative speakers, with “anti-fascist” protesters engaging in a violent riot to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking, after which the mere threat of further “protests” was enough to convince the school to cancel a planned appearance by Ann Coulter.

“The UC Berkeley College Republicans’ last three speaker events were canceled last semester. These continuing infringements of the free speech rights of conservative students on campus deepen the already existing conservative void at UC Berkeley,” CR spokesman Naweed Tahmas told Campus Reform. “As it stands, UC Berkeley has solidified itself as a center for intellectual dishonesty, as only favored viewpoints may be heard on campus, with no meaningful opposition or challenge permitted due to the imposition of unlawful time, place, and manner restrictions on conservative speech.”

Young America’s Foundation spokesman Spencer Brown offered similar sentiments in a statement, presenting the Shapiro invite as a litmus test for the school’s commitment to upholding freedom of speech.

“Berkeley has a choice: To uphold the the First Amendment rights of all students, or once again cave under pressure from extreme leftists and unconstitutionally censor conservative speech,” Brown observed. “Berkeley administrators would be wise to offer the same platform to Ben Shapiro and the conservative students hosting him that they’ve given the parade of leftist speakers who’ve appeared at Berkeley.”

Tahmas concurred, calling the planned speech “a critical test” for Berkeley after its repeated failures to uphold the free speech rights of students.

“It will be a test of whether or not the administration caves in to the demands of the violent left,” he said. “The university already has established a precedent of resorting to illegitimate tactics and secret policies to censor conservative speech on campus.”

“As the nation watches the former home of the Free Speech Movement betray its legacy, the university has an opportunity to reclaim its reputation by standing for the rights of all students, including conservatives, to hear thought-provoking speakers such as Ben Shapiro,” Tahmas continued. “The feedback BCR has been receiving from students has been tremendous. The word has spread across the student body and students are excited for Mr. Shapiro’s visit to UC Berkeley.”

Addressing potential objections to the even head-on, Tahmas added that there will be ample opportunity for Shapiro’s opponents to express themselves peacefully, without having to resort to violence.

“As with every BCR event, the Ben Shapiro event will be structured in a question-and-answer format. This will give an opportunity for students to ask questions to the speaker or to even challenge him in the room itself,” he explained. “Mr. Shapiro welcomes debate. This event will give students of all perspectives an opportunity to discuss the issues Mr. Shapiro raises.”

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Leaked emails: Professor defends destruction of 9/11 memorial posters

After Saddleback College Professor Margot Lovett was caught on camera ripping down posters that honored the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, media outlets across the country condemned her disrespectful actions. The gender studies professor, known for her statements which blame “U.S. imperialism” for the 9/11 attacks, was quickly defended by her colleagues, who referred to conservative students as “lucky to spend time with [Professor Lovett],” and as “guests, subsidized by the state.”

A Freedom of Information Act request by Young America’s Foundation revealed an email chain between Professor Howard Gensler and Lovett, where he told her that “a college is its faculty. If you tell students that they are number one, then they will run the place. They are not number one.”

Gensler, who was recently profiled by the OC Register for his bizarre affinity for Batman, and reportedly sued the school for not giving him priority in summer classes, denounced the conservative students as “deceptive, disrespectful, and frankly outrageous” for exposing Lovett’s actions on video. The students, who were part of the school’s YAF chapter, were setting up 2,977 flags for each of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks when Lovett showed up.

Audra Leslie, the former President of Saddleback YAF, who filmed the incident, told Red Alert Politics, “Gensler’s comments about the destruction of our 9/11 Never Forget posters are absolutely outrageous, but strangely not surprising to me. It’s sad to see that he believes a college is its faculty and not its students. I did not think we were ‘[running] the place’ by setting up a 9/11 memorial and putting up posters. A college is supposed to be about the students and their education, not the faculty and their politically driven agendas. What would a college be without its students?”

After shredding their posters, Lovett, who is also Chair of Saddleback College’s History Department, chastised the students for failing to remain in the free speech zone on campus. While faculty members maintain that Lovett did the right thing, members of the YAF chapter believe that the school targeted them because of their conservative political beliefs.

“The last time I checked those ‘guests’ are paying their huge salaries,” Leslie continued. “Professor Gensler is blocking diversity of thought and speech, while trying to justify Lovett’s actions by putting the students last. I strongly feel that conservatives receive very different treatment compared to the average liberal student population. They look down on us, they fail to protect our rights, and conservative students do not feel safe. But they believe conservatives deserve it , because we’re the ‘intolerant’ ones.”

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California Democratic Party Sues Conservative College Students In Unprecedented Move

Three members of the Cal State Fullerton College Republicans have been named in a lawsuit backed by the California Democratic Party in retaliation for their work to recall State Senator Josh Newman, who was the pivotal vote in support of April’s $52 billion gas tax increase.

The Democrats’ lawsuit, which was filed in Sacramento Superior Court last Thursday, alleges that the College Republicans and other conservative activists “misled” voters in their successful signature gathering effort to recall Senator Newman. The suit names Amanda McGuire, Brooke Paz, and Ryan Hoskins (pictured below) as defendants in the suit, for volunteering their weekends to talk to constituents about the cost of Newman’s vote to the district’s taxpayers.

The recall effort gathered nearly 85,000 signatures in a matter of several weeks, due to constituents’ frustration and anger at Newman’s vote on the gas tax. The Democrat Party has alleged that recall organizers, which also included dozens of local conservatives of all ages, lied to voters about the true nature of the recall campaign by claiming that the recall would repeal the gas tax.

Brooke Paz, who serves as Public Relations Director for the College Republicans told Daily Wire, “This lawsuit is a baseless attack on the character of hardworking and passionate activists, as well as a shameful intrusion on the democratic processes that are my right as an American citizen.”

“As we just celebrated the 241st anniversary of our independence, my God-given rights are being threatened by the California Democrats simply because they disagree with me and my colleagues,” Paz continued. “Our elected representatives are supposed to govern by the people and for the people. The people do not want higher taxes, and as proven by the incredible amount of signatures we’ve gathered for this recall petition, the people do not want Newman.”

Once Democrats in the state legislature realized that the recall petition was moving forward at a record pace, they scrambled to develop a number of subversive methods that would stop the lawful recall by the voters. Democrats, who hold a two-thirds supermajority in both the Assembly and Senate, and hold all eight statewide elected offices, worked to change the rules on signature verification, tried to alter contribution limits, and fought for legislation that would push the election further back.

Organizers of the recall told Daily Wire that the Democrat Party is desperate for any way to stop the election by any means necessary, which has a high likelihood of forcing Newman out of office only months into his first term.

Amanda McGuire, who is Vice-President of the College Republicans, asserted that “the lawsuit is a shameful and frantic attempt to silence voters of the district. The intimidation tactics espoused by the California Democrats should no longer be tolerated. It’s gone too far when college students are being dragged into court for becoming involved with the issues faced by their local cities. I’m proud to be a part of the party that fights to fix our government on every level.”

“This lawsuit is the definition of frivolous, and more than that, an obstruction of the very processes that every Californian should hold dear,” Ryan Hoskins, Secretary of the College Republicans said in a written statement. “By naming myself and my fellow club members as defendants on this lawsuit, the California Democrats are attempting to scare us into backing down from this signature gathering effort. They will not succeed in breaking our spirit, and with the support of the California Republican Party, we will fight it in the court of law.”

Fred Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, where much of Newman’s district is located, echoed the College Republicans’ sentiment in a statement to Daily Wire.

“Democrats are desperate to hold on to absolute power – whether it is changing the rules ex post facto on signature verification, or contribution limits, or a lawsuit challenging the validity of signatures – they will stop at nothing to keep absolute power,” said Whitaker. “There is no principle left for them, it’s only power, and it doesn’t matter if we change the rules or ruin the finances of ordinary college students now having to defend their own signatures.”

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UC-Berkeley claims right to suppress free speech in legal motion

The University of California, Berkeley is trying to get a judge to dismiss the First Amendment lawsuit filed by conservative students after the school blocked Ann Coulter from speaking.

The suit alleges that UC administrators have systematically stifled “the speech of conservative students whose voices fall beyond the campus political orthodoxy,” claiming that Berkeley has selectively enforced a new “high profile speaker” policy in order to deny conservatives a platform on campus.

In a court document obtained by Campus Reform, attorneys for the defendants—who include UC System President Janet Napolitano and UC-Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks—petition the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to dismiss the allegations as “moot,” arguing that it has since replaced the “high profile speaker” policy, and that in any event the school was within its rights to shut down Coulter’s speech because it didn’t do so explicitly on the basis of her political viewpoints.

“The alleged restrictions were viewpoint neutral because they were not motivated by disagreement with the speaker’s viewpoint,” the attorneys assert, adding that the restrictions were also “constitutional ‘time, place, and, manner regulations’ because they were content neutral, narrowly tailored to serve the significant government interests in safety, education, and distribution of university resources, and left open ample alternative channels of communication.”

Young America’s Foundation (YAF), which filed the lawsuit in conjunction with the Berkeley College Republicans, derided UC’s motion to dismiss as “bizarre” in a post on its website Thursday, pointing out that Berkeley has yet to unveil its new free speech policy and insisting that the school’s actions were “clearly viewpoint-discriminatory.”

“This weak attempt by the University of California, Berkeley to brush off their egregious free speech violations is staggering but unfortunately unsurprising given their demonstrated pattern of suppressing the First Amendment rights of conservatives on campus,” YAF spokesman Spencer Brown declared, pledging that “YAF will continue to stand up for students’ rights when their own schools engage in flagrant obstruction of free expression.”

“It is preposterous that the university is attempting to dismiss a valid lawsuit over the idea that they plan to make future policy changes,” Berkeley College Republicans member Naweed Tahmas told Campus Reform, saying he is skeptical that the new policy will be the panacea for free speech that university officials are promising.

“While I am happy that the university has finally realized their draconian policies need reform, it does not excuse them of their past actions,” Tahmas continued. “Given UC Berkeley’s well-documented precedent of censoring conservative speakers, I have little faith that the university will take any substantial strides in making UC Berkeley the home of free speech again.”

CR President Troy Worden offered a similar assessment, saying the club is encouraged but not convinced by the school’s public statements on the matter.

“The UC Berkeley administration claims they have modified and codified their ‘high-profile’ speakers policy such that the First Amendment rights of the Berkeley College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation are no longer in jeopardy,” he observed cautiously, saying the move “would be a welcome development if it does what university administrators claims it does.”

For now, though, Worden acknowledged that all conservative students can do is “await this new speakers policy” and hope it is “not aimed at shutting down conservative speech on campus.”

Spokespersons for UC-Berkeley did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform.

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