CSUF lecturer suspended for attacking conservative student

The California State University, Fullerton lecturer who was recently filmed while physically accosting a conservative student has been suspended, and may face misdemeanor charges.

On February 8, as members of the CSUF College Republicans were peacefully counter-protesting a “No Ban, No Wall” protest on campus, anthropology lecturer Eric Canin approached and called the students “uneducated,” shoving one of them, as well as a member of the student government who was trying to break up the altercation.

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“The investigation substantiated the charges that…a campus employee struck a student.”   

Canin was forcibly removed from the scene by campus security, and the CSUF College Republicans filed battery charges against him for the assault. The Orange County DIstrict Attorney is currently looking into formally charging Canin, and Canin informed The Daily Titan on Thursday that he had been suspended.

“The University has completed its internal investigation regarding a February 8 rally held on campus during which a lecturer was alleged to be in an altercation with a student protester from the College Republicans,” CSUF Chief Communications Officer Jeffrey D. Cook confirmed in a statement to Campus Reform.

“The investigation substantiated the charges that a physical altercation occurred, that a campus employee struck a student, and that as a consequence the speech of the student group was stopped,” he elaborated, saying, “The prospect of an incident like this on our campus is profoundly troubling.”

“It’s great that the school is taking this seriously,” CSUF CR President Chris Boyle told Campus Reform. “We need to ensure that this professor never steps foot on campus and endangers a student again. It’s an important fight for the free-speech rights of students.”

CR Vice President Amanda McGuire echoed the sentiment, adding that she hopes Canin will ultimately decide not to return to his position at the school.

“The school was right to finally act on this matter. After two weeks of waiting, the news is overdue,” she said. “I’m glad the school realizes this was a serious offense, being that his disagreement with the student ended in physical aggression. It is my hope that he will not be asked to return as lecturer.”

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