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Free speech is alive again because of UC Berkeley

When UC Berkeley administrators caused the cancelation of Ann Coulter’s lecture amid threats of violence, many claimed that this was the end of free speech on our nation’s college campuses. While this event represents a tragic low for First Amendment rights, the international outrage surrounding this incident has ignited a Second Free Speech Movement on […]

Transgender agitator threatens Berkeley CR with beatdown

A transgender person at the University of California, Berkeley was recently filmed threatening members of the College Republicans who mistakenly referred to him as a man. A recording of the incident begins with the transgender person vandalizing a Donald Trump campaign sign, to which one member of the College Republicans responded by facetiously remarking, “there’s […]

The American left’s free speech reversal

This piece was written for a European audience In the 1960s, activists at the University of California, Berkeley started the American free speech movement, where millions of students across the country fought for free speech rights, largely in opposition to American intervention in Vietnam. In the United States of America, our rights to free speech […]

University Of Arkansas To Students: Calling Millennials ‘Lazy’ Is ‘Biased’

The University of Arkansas has recently published a “tip sheet” on inclusive writing encouraging students to avoid describing millennials as “lazy” because it “shows bias by insulting an entire demographic rather than seeking to understand that demographic.” According to school administrators, my generation just has “a different idea of the value of work than other generations.” This […]

Harvard tells students gender can ‘change from day to day’

The office of BGLTQ Student Life at Harvard University has released a new school-sponsored guide telling students to “fight transphobia” and “get the facts about gender diversity.” The guide, which was distributed to students on campus, declares that “there are more than two sexes” and that “gender is fluid and changing,” adding that someone’s gender […]

UC-Davis student gov votes against American flag

The University of California, Davis Student Senate voted last Thursday to strike a bylaw requiring the American flag to be displayed at meetings because “the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual.” “It shall not be compulsory for the flag of the United State of America to be displayed […]

Sorry, Salon, But Liberals Are The True ‘Moral Rot’ In America, Not Conservatives.

In a recent opinion piece targeting Speaker Paul Ryan, Chauncey DeVega, a politics staff writer at Salon, decries conservatism as “hostile to members of groups on the lower rungs of the social hierarchy” and the ultimate source of “the deep moral rot at the heart of American society.” DeVega’s baseless criticism of conservatives as elitist, biologically inferior brutes […]

Saving Lives: Why the FDA Should Be Whittled Down To Size

In President Trump’s first address to Congress, he shared the story of Megan Crowley, a girl whose father was forced to create his own pharmaceutical company to save the life of his child. Because of “slow and burdensome” FDA regulations, lifesaving drugs can be held up for years, and thousands of young children die each […]

CSUF lecturer suspended for attacking conservative student

The California State University, Fullerton lecturer who was recently filmed while physically accosting a conservative student has been suspended, and may face misdemeanor charges. On February 8, as members of the CSUF College Republicans were peacefully counter-protesting a “No Ban, No Wall” protest on campus, anthropology lecturer Eric Canin approached and called the students “uneducated,” […]

OCC absolves student for recording prof’s anti-Trump rant

The Orange Coast College student who filmed his professor calling Donald Trump’s election ‘an act of terrorism’ has had his suspension and other punishments lifted. Caleb O’Neil was given a notice of suspension earlier this month for violating a formerly obscure school policy against recording classroom lectures, and was also required to write an apology […]