Who is Peter?

I’m a journalist, politico, and activist who fights for American values on college campuses, in my community, and on a national level.

To me, what I do is less important than why I do it. I do what I do because I believe firmly in the power of free speech and free markets to create a free and virtuous society.

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Above all else, I believe in the exceptionalism of this nation and what it stands for.

For too long, we have seen those on the Left use their power to silence free speech, criticize limited government, and decry conservatives as the ‘great moral rot.’

For too long, conservatives have stood by and taken their criticism. If we truly believe in our conservative values, then it is our duty to fight for them.

I’m proud to have stood for this fight, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

I currently write for EuroNews, TheBlazeCampus Reform, The DailyWire, Red Alert Politics, and Independent Journal Review, and am a weekly contributor to iHeartRadio’s PowerTalk 96.7FM.

My work has appeared in Fox News, National Review, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Post, The New York Times, Good Morning America, The O’Reilly Factor, TIME, Washington Post, DailyMail, and others.

For press inquiries, please email peter@petervanvoorhis.com